Gil Dobrica

Gil Dobrica

Gil Dobrica, Romanian singer

Gil Dobrica (February 14, 1946) was a Romanian singer. He is most famous for his cover version of John Denver‘s song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” or simply “Country Roads” (adapted as “Hai acasa” – “Let’s go home”), although he had performed a variety of musical genres (pop, rock, blues, soul, jazz, country) and performed several covers of artists as diverse as Ray Charles, Little Richard, Otis Redding and Bill Monroe.

Born in Dabuleni, Dolj County, Gil Dobrica moved to Craiova when he was 14, where he went to a vocational school and became a lathe operator. When he was 17, he started singing at the workers’ club in the November 7 Factory in Craiova, with a repertoire ranging from jazz, soul, rock to swing.

In the 1970s he came to Bucharest and started collaborating with the band Sfinx. During the same period he recorded his most famous song Hai acasa (“Let’s Go Home”), a Romanian verse transposition of John Denver’s popular Take Me Home, Country Roads. Gil Dobrica made his impact in Romanian music history by transposing into Romanian many famous rock and roll, blues and soul songs, including songs by Ray Charles, Bill Monroe, Otis Redding, Little Richard and others.

He also made a memorable cameo in the popular Uncle Marin, the Billionaire movie (released in 1979 and starring Amza Pellea).

Gil Dobrică died in Craiova due to severe gout complications on April 17, 2007.



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